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15 March 2019

Update Ruby version using Rbenv

Follow the below steps to update Ruby version. When upgrading Ruby, always check the latest version available on the official website.

Update ruby-build

Pull the latest version of ruby-build since that version would support installing the latest version of Ruby. When new versions of Ruby are released you need to update ruby-build to install those versions.

$ cd ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build && git pull && cd -

Install Ruby by specifying version number

$ rbenv install 2.6.2

Set the new version as global version

$ rbenv global 2.6.2

(Optional) Install bundler

If you are using Rails, you would want to install the latest version of bundler for the new Ruby version you just installed.

# Check the currently active Ruby version. If it's correct, proceed.
$ ruby --version
ruby 2.6.2p47 (2019-03-13 revision 67232) [x86_64-darwin18]
$ gem install bundler

by Harshal Bhakta

tags: ruby
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